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emmauchimaki asked: Omfgggg I can't with the new MV, I saw it like two minutes ago and since the video started I was like asdfghjklñ and screaming and shit and omgggg Jimin looking super cute and hot I can't, this is too much for me, but ohhhhhh they look very good!! And Jimin!! My baby!!<3<3 sorry for all the fangirling...!

ME TOO~!!! I need to watch it again and again because too much feels and I keep pausing the video to control myself from over fangirling!!!! I miss Jimin baby!!!

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Bangtan’s Just One Day MV is just so peaceful and beautiful. I really love it so much and excited that it’s gonna be their follow up song~!!!!

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as you all may know by now i’ve not been uploading and making new gifs and the reason to it is because

- my laptop is giving me problems
- im stripped off of my laptop ((no laptop))

don’t worry, jiminworld will be up and running soon!!

it will be such a pity to see some of you leaving jiminworld because of this saddening situation happening on april fools…

i’ll be back my angels

-Nana :-)

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BTS warming up their voices
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